Dear David,

Thank you SO much for all the hard work you’ve done for me!!! You are not only a fantastic real estate agent but also a fantastic person. You were always putting forth a gigantic, honest effort. You went beyond duty on our behalf so many times — my telephone didn’t work, unexpected bugs appeared; you checked on the house often; you reassured me through, what was it, 6 closing dates. On and on the list could go.

Last fall when I sent e-mails to real estate agents, only three of you were brave enough to take on an old house on N. Ft. Harrison Ave. You were definitely MUCH more impressive than the other two.

Irshad still doesn’t have an exact retirement date. It’s supposed to be mid October. I’m going to CA at the end of September to start packing stuff. (Shall I throw half the stuff on the lawn again for give-away?)

It will be good to not have the responsibility of the house worrying me. I didn’t mind paying bills while I thought I’d go back often. But when I realized I went back only twice in the year, it definitely was no longer feasible to carry all the expenses. As you know, with its age, it needs constant TLC, and it was going to need a lot of repairs soon. Randy was such a blessing with all the hard labor he did!

Thank you for all your patience with us and the house.


Arlene S.