I am writing to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with your agency. We had the opportunity to meet with you personally during our visit to your office in May and were impressed from the very beginning.

David Christ was our first contact in search of investment property. David was extremely helpful in providing us with print outs of properties both available and recently sold to help us in our search. He arranged for us to visit a number of properties in our very short time frame, and as a result of his efforts, we were able to purchase a very nice property in Belleair Beach. David has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us not only in working with the sellers but various other matters including the closing and other miscellaneous but important details.

During our visit to your office, we met several times with Mike <>, who provided us with invaluable information, which enabled us to narrow down the three properties we were considering and ultimately purchase the property that was right for us based on the criteria and goals we were trying to accomplish. We are now working together with Kent in getting our new property rented and have great confidence that your office will be able to find a good, long-term renter, and make sure our property is managed well.

Again, thank you for providing us with such good service in every way. We are already planning another trip to your area and will be focusing on our next investment property with the help of David and your staff.


Patricia C.     Noah C.