Hello, David-

Well, we made it! Tennessee is beautiful! The move went smoothly and we are appreciative of all you did for us in selling our home in Pinellas Park!

The market was not what we wanted to sell in, but you certainly did a great job in making it as painless as possible! My wife and I are grateful for all the continuous support– Your team has been great to work with!

We have relied upon your real estate knowledge and support throughout our entire listing to selling process. At times, things may have been challenging, but we are grateful for all you did for us, including specific advice on how to best handle our cats, and make the home most appealing to potential buyer prospects. Amazing, the difference a few pictures can make!

Personally, with the Real Estate Market being as unpredictable as it has been, we may have doubted the market, but knew you had our best foot forward. You listened to what was important to us, the sellers, as well as taught us what to expect from today’s market.

We are grateful for your insightful expertise and all the time you have taken working with us selling our home.

Thank you, David! Keep up the excellent Real Estate work. Sincerely,

Chad W