To Whom it May Concern,

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of David Christ. I have known David approximately six months. Although that may seem like little time to get to know someone, during my twenty years in the U. S. Coast Guard and more than twenty years in the U.S. Postal Service, I have had the good fortune to have met many fine people. It is my experience that certain people, with exceptional traits, stand out above the rest. David Christ is such a person.

Having moved frequently, I also felt we had some insight into the real estate profession. Surely, after having been through a variety of real estate transactions over the years, we might be able to try and sell our home ourselves. But it wasn’t going to be a simple matter. As we approached this important phase in our retirement plans, the real estate market had taken a downward turn, and increases in insurance rates and taxes were putting more pressure on an already sluggish market. I perceived a rather difficult time selling our home, and we had hoped for a painless and uncomplicated transition. As we procrastinated, it became obvious that we needed a special real estate professional. Finally our search ended, when we found David Christ.

It was clear from the very beginning, that David was indeed the right man for the job. David was open and friendly, enthusiastic, and a pleasure to be with. David approached every twist and turn with exceptional enthusiasm and confidence. I never detected a bit of negativism in his demeanor, even though I sometimes could not see just how things were going to work out, David never gave us reason to doubt that he had everything under control.

But it was more than David’s keen sense of direction and expert professionalism. He is also a man of outstanding character, which he often demonstrated during our relationship. David always insisted on full and honest disclosure throughout our transactions. There were no hidden details to uncover, nor reading between the lines. Everything had to be above board. I believe him to be a man of distinct integrity and fairness.

I consider ourselves very fortunate to have had David Christ handle our real estate transactions. He was the perfect person for the difficult task at hand. It was a pleasure to have known him both as a person and as a partner in a business transaction.

David LDG Sr