To whom it may concern,

It is with the utmost pleasure and confidence that I can offer my recommendation of David Christ as a real estate agent.

If I were to describe David in just a few words, I would call him patient, thorough, and most importantly, loyal. While I was in Florida (from Chicago) looking at waterfront property, David was my only source of transportation. He was willing to spend many hours chauffeuring me to and fro, and was considerate enough to return to the same location several times over so that I could be absolutely sure about what I felt.

When it came time to make offers, there was no doubt in my mind that David was on my side. He was willing to put an offer in at my price no matter if it was well below list. I never got the impression that he put his commission before my value. And when another Realtor tried to muscle in with a higher offer, David had a lawyer draft a letter that successfully held the wolf at bay.

David is a good Realtor, and a good man. I have faith that I can depend upon his services in the long term as well, now that our deal is done.


Francis P.
New Florida Waterfront Property Owner