To Whom It May Concern,

During the last several years I often thought of purchasing a condominium somewhere along the Gulf coast between Clearwater and St. Pete Beach. I pursued this dream by gleaning through local newspapers in search of private owner sales, driving up and down Gulf Blvd. looking at For Sale signs and sometimes…actually seeing the units themselves.

Put simply, I did a lot of looking and a lot of thinking but I never made the first real move to purchase a condominium until I had the good fortune to meet and work with David Christ in Indian Rocks Beach, FL.

I truly was very hesitant to work with a Realtor as I held them in the same esteem as car salesmen, divorce lawyers, and proctologists. How wrong I was!!!

David Christ treated me and my significant other, Rhea, with such kindness, patience, warmth, genuine understanding and professional courtesy that changed my whole attitude about working with a realtor to purchase property. Not only did he spend considerable time searching out properties to show us, but the manner in which he followed up on our questions with further research and specific data was very impressive.

David Christ helped me find the exact “starter” condo that I had thought about for three years but would never have found and purchased on my own. I am very pleased with his assistance and even more pleased to consider him as a friend. He is truly a very special Realtor!

With most sincerity,

Tom K.
Myrtle Beach, SC